Teddy And The Hordesmen's Master

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Teddy And The Hordesmen's Master


When you’ve annoyed a Yorebear, things are never again the same.

Teddy and Gundy have been warned that The Yorebear is awake, and he’s almost certainly coming after them. All they have to stop him are the contents of a notebook, written over four hundred years ago, which doesn’t seem to hold the slightest hint how to prevent him from killing them both.

But it’s worse than that. Teddy’s family are also involved — Simon, Joanne, three-year-old Bertie and little baby Oli — they’ve all helped Teddy, or been seen with him, and they’re all targets for The Yorebear’s next attack.

Oddly, however, The Yorebear’s first strike is in a completely unexpected place, as ruthless as it is sudden; so, as well as trying to protect those he loves, Teddy has to risk all to help out some old freinds who have been badly affected.

Teddy and Gundy will need to work together to overcome the fear all around them, to defend their family, and face a possible war. It’s a lot to ask of two stuffed toys.

And, creeping unseen, a force lurks in the woods that could push everyone to their limits, and beyond.

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