Teddy And The Darkgate

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Teddy And The Darkgate


Nobody takes a teddy seriously — and that might just save Teddy’s life.

Not that he’ll notice; Teddy is too focused on reaching the lady of his dreams, avoiding a vomiting baby and finding a way to get from Aberystwyth to Clehonger, despite being unable to read a map.

Behind the scenes, things are moving. Dark things. Dark things that would happily kill an idealistic Teddy who’s bumbling through the big, wide world. But the biggest threat is to Teddy’s dreams. Will a world of cynical animals and indifferent humans drain him of his hopes and wide-eyed trust, or will he find a way to escape danger while holding on to his naive belief that he can do something amazing?

And what does it all have to do with The Darkgate?



Comments from The Guardian, Amazon reviewers, and Readers who have written to me.

The Guardian - “… And finally, like many in the book industry I am cynical about book trailers, but if Teddy and the Darkgate’s horrifying combination of an innocent stuffed bear and menacing music doesn’t make you want to see if the teddy gets it, nothing will.”

J. Hicks - “I just wanted to declare that I’ve finished Teddy and the Darkgate and it’s bloody brilliant. Everyone should read it.”

G. Nelson - “…one of the most refreshing new stories i’ve read for quite a long time…”

T. Savigear - “Well, it’s brilliant.”

‘O’ (Amazon reviewer) - “Like the first reviewer, I wasn’t sure about getting this book at first. A story about a teddy that isn’t aimed at toddlers? However, I downloaded the sample and was gripped. The story is absolutely brilliant - a sort of cross between the allegories of Jonathan Swift, the magical realism of Alan Garner and the surreal darkness of The Mighty Boosh. It explores love, the power of suggestion, belonging and how we all accept the weirdness of the world, because otherwise we’d go mad. It is very dark in places, so I’m not sure about sharing it with small children, but Teddy and all the characters he encounters are well written and engaging. You will find yourself caring about a soft toy that can talk. You will laugh out loud. You will feel worried about what’s going to happen next. It’s okay, though - there is a happy ending, and there is the promise of a sequel.”

I. Stone (Amazon reviewer, and email) - “At first I was somewhat curious as to how a book about a bear could be interesting reading for an adult. Well, after reading it, I stand corrected. The story is entertaining and lovely. It makes you want more, to see where this story could go. … Now if only Mister Garret would hurry up and write the next book!”

then later a few weeks later:

“I really enjoyed your book. I know I said that allready, but I read it weeks ago and the story still has not left my mind. I hope you will write the sequel soon. I need to know what happens!”

Mr Sunshine (Amazon reviewer) - “I really enjoyed this book from author Simon M Garrett. A tale of a Teddy Bear in love, and the dangers that can bring. Expect plenty of twists and turns along the way. A gripping yarn that may change the way that you look at your own Teddy….Recommended.”

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