A False Sense Of Comfort

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A False Sense Of Comfort


William Stevens is finally beginning to live life, and it’s not entirely unrelated to the death of Sir Arthur Wharf, the estranged husband of Philippa (Pea), whom he has adored since she was sixteen. It’s taken fifty years but finally William and Pea seem to have found happiness together. Then Sarah arrives, under mysterious circumstances, and shows up the fault lines in William and Pea’s relationship.

With love and life falling apart all around him, William has been asked to hire and manage an investigator, Jason, who will find out who murdered Pea’s husband. At the same time, Sarah’s presence is a puzzle in itself, one which might have far-reaching consequences. What are her intentions towards William, and why has she come to live in Berkshire House?

The answers seem to be connected to a group of Russians (who are actually two Russians, a Bulgarian and a Georgian) and they’re not the kind of people you can simply question over a cup of tea.

In the end, the only question that matters is not ‘Who will live and who will die?’ but rather ‘Which is better: perfect imagination or imperfect reality?’